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Photography by Chuck Fadely.

NASCAR crash. He survived.

A shooting victim's mother.

Bill Clinton

Terri Schiavo protest.

Grand Prix winner.

Love in a hurricane.

Hurricane aftermath.

NASCAR winner.

Pepe the Cowboy Monkey.

Gator bites.

Olympic sailing.

Terri Schiavo protest.

Saving his boat during a hurricane.

Death in a hurricane.

Hurricane in Key West.

Hurricane in Key West.

NBA all-star Glen Rice lends a hand.

Her pilot father shot down by Cuban jets.

Anna Kournikova tennis.

Synchronized swimmers.

Freighter runs aground.

The American flag after Elian was seized.

Haiti hospital - bring your own supplies.

Aboard the HMS Rose.

A trailer park murder.

Arrested for Medicaid fraud.

Puerto Rican Day parade.

Volvo Ocean Race

Summer youth program field Day.

Cuban rafters.

Cops shot her innocent grandfather.

Dale Earnhardt is killed.

Flooding in Miami.

Grand Prix of Miami winner.

Brian Blades at a funeral.

After the hurricane.

New airport terminal celebration.

Shooting aftermath.

Police at the Elian riot.

After Hurricane Andrew.

After Hurricane Andrew.